Friday, May 02, 2008

From our walk.

The kids and I went for a walk today to see the underpass where the cars stalled.
Nicole took great pleasure in telling me (again) about one of the cars. Imagine a very excited 4 year old voice saying "And the car went in and I though that it has ran out of gas and papa said that he had run out of brains and you should have seen it!"

Here is the other side of the underpass with a few kids that are having fun in the flood waters that are under the bridge. I wonder at their judgement. The water would be very cold not to mention all of the ...stuff that would be floating in there from the sewer system. Ick.

Here is one of the places where the river meets the road.

We crossed over to the north side of the river on the walking bridge. The water was very high and very turbulent.

Here are some houses on the north side of the river. They are surrounded by water.

On the other side of the walking bridge we saw a couple of people enjoying a cold one in the sunshine while keeping an eye on the water being pumped out of the basement.

We even saw a couple of ducks and and otter like thing. It was low in the water and moving quite fast so was quite hard to identify.

Yet more areas that shouldn't have water were water is.

On the other side of the building was a car that didn't make it.
This is the walking bridge. It used to be the train bridge but about 10 years ago the rail bed was converted to a walking trail. It was quite busy with walkers and cyclists.

The kids spent a lot of the time looking over the edge at the river below.

Back on the south side of the river we saw a few odd things that had washed up. I don't think that they will be having problems with parking here.

The Green that usually is more green than brown. The statue is Robbie Burns who is pretending that the river is not at his feet.

There are a lot of buildings that were pumping water out of their basements.

The kids found a place that was high and dry and even had dandelions. Little kids love to pick flowers and most flowers on lawns are considered "no pick" flowers. Dandelions were always considered "Pick" flowers. I have never had anyone yell at me for letting my kids pick their dandelions. Unfortunately these had very short stems and there is not much that you can do with a bouquet of flower heads except...

play with them.


Teyani said...

amazing photos.
so sad that there is such a problem.
I'm glad that you are high and dry, and hope your parent's farm dries out soon so the cows can come back home.

Christine said...

Here is an interesting tidbit my father told me tonight... 25$ of gas will run a generator for 5 hours.

Christine said...

Oh, and Mira reminds me of John Lennon with sunglasses on. :)

TadMack said...

Hey, cool! You guys have a statue of Robbie Burns, too!

It all looks so...peaceful. Massive, sprawling puddles... reflecting puffy white clouds. Dandelions and sitting by the river -- er -- roadside. I hope the silt and mud left behind don't take too long to shift.

Cynthia said...

Love the pictures, especially the dandelion face! It always freaks me out to see kids playing in or near water; they are so fascinated by it and yet they have no clue of the danger even when they are told. I hope the water goes down soon.

I am Curious Llama. said...

You can also make necklaces out of dandelions. The problem is the the sappy stuff stains clothes. In Ecuador, dandelion greens are brewed into a herbal tea for alieviating the symptoms of arthritis.

Kansas A said...

lol... "out of brains"... lol lol, good one :)