Saturday, May 31, 2008

While doing the dishes....

In the course of a family discussion the subject of pregnancy came up. This brought up the Duggar family, who on Mothers' Day made public that they were pregnant with their 18th child.

Mira: Do they belong to some special religion?

Papa: Yes, but I forget what it's called.

Mira: Is it "mouseism" or "bunnyrabbitism"?


TadMack said...

...with all due respect to whichever religion they are in actuality, I think their subset has another name. It might be Merokinosis... Because, seriously...

mira's papa said...

So, it seems that the group they belong to is called "Quiverfull". The source of the name is this:

Psalm 127:5: "As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them."

Frankly, I couldn't parse that first sentence to make any sense. As for the second, Jackie and I must have a small quiver, because we thought that with four children it was already pretty full.

Their philosophy is spelled out on their web site:

And they go to some effort to scare people into not contemplating any kind of birth control. For example, I am considered the unwitting participant in a big experiment and likely to experience some horrific consequences. To see how bad it's going to be, read here. I'll now be paying closer attention during amorous moments, in case I suffer a "blowout". I had no idea I was a guinea pig. :-(

mira's papa said...

I should add that the summary of all research articles on the subject that is posted at PubMed indicated I'm probably not going to have any troubles. But this is probably considered a conspiracy of the medical establishment, so they can make the zillions of dollars they do on vasectomies.

In any case, it's clear that there is a vas deferens between their point of view and that of the medical community.

Anonymous said...

I hope that Mira's Papa's list of possible medical problems don't hatch into reality.

I visited the Duggar family site and was impressed by their family management skills and their house.

They don't lack of anything.

Mira's Papa, you could use a modified version of their home to raise your brood. I did not get to see their mode of transportation but it must be a bus.

We were 17 children in our family with no twins but we did not have the set up that the Duggar had
Thanks for the site Jackie. It kept me busy for quite a while last evening.


mira's papa said...

Yup, it's a bus they have.

Anonymous said...

setting religion aside, i also come from a family of 15 children, the Duggars are a very well organized and loving family, the children respect their parents and vice's refreshing to see cause so many children in our society are so spoiled with everything and lack respect for their elders...

mira's papa said...


Nothing wrong with a big family. I'd like to have had more, but I got started very late. And Jackie's twin pregnancy was really hard on her.

The Duggars have to be well organized, and if they didn't get along it would be a nightmare.

I know a lot about disrespectful young people. I have them in my classes. It's really quite sad. Demanding, entitled, disrespectful, and incapable. But in their mind they are A students all, and "deserve" a great mark, because they "worked hard". They have no concept.

And religion aside, I think Mira's quips are funny. She makes lots of interesting connections that adults might even miss.

Anonymous said...

i enjoy reading your and family blog's...i meant no disrespect to your fam..

Kansas A said...

Holy crap! Two baseball teams!