Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Post Cards from the Selv-edge

It's time for another instalment of Post Cards from the Selv-edge.

Today's entry is called "can you spot the difference?"
Besides the obvious one of the changed background. The top background is the fuzzy blanket that was on my bed for most of the winter. Now it is warm enough to do without it and rather than haul it out just to take the after photo, I found an empty flat surface.
The thing that we all need to remember when working on these postcards is that they are ultimately going to go through the hands of 14 people so I never want to put too much on any one. I hummed and hawed for quite a while before throwing my towel into the ring so to speak.

A very subtle change, but I like it. I can hardly wait to see the finished pieces!


Anonymous said...

That is beautiful


Christine said...

Nice moon! I like the addition too. I can almost hear a baying wolf. :)

Also, I can barely make out some words under the bird. Are the legible to you at least.

jackie said...

Yes, I can just read the words.

I'll wait for you.

TadMack said...

The moon is a nice touch! I really like the bottle tops hanging from this. Interesting design.