Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Mom left a comment after "A View from the farm" detailing what has been done and what is left.

Here it is

Well folks, the clean up at the farm is coming along just fine. We have the milk house, the office, the bathroom, the milking parlor, the cow bedding area, the little calves area, the bigger calf area, the dry cows area ( the cows that are waiting to give birth) all cleaned up and sanitized with hydrated lime and today the area for the heifers was cleaned and now we are letting it dry so we can apply the lime to sanitize. There is still a lot of other spring clean up that is needed to be done around the farm but it will be done when the time comes. Next we have to clean the drift wood and debris from the fields but the water is still in the fields in the lower ends.

We need to get rid of years of accumulation of junk and are going to get a big dumpster.

Sunday afternoon we worked on the back flower bed where all the drift wood and debris was dumped and will finish it tomorrow.

We are taking it one day at a time and feel no different than before the flood. Life is too short to worry about these little inconveniences that life throw at us to see if we are getting the message or not of what is important in our lives.

In my ceramic shop I have about 3500 molds and two third have been under water, my two kilns, my pouring table, pouring machine, reclaimer and paints, glazes, drawers after drawers full of electrical supplies, etc., etc. I have not yet had time to sort things out from my ceramic supplies that had water damage.

Molds will have to be dried and examine when the time permits and the clean up begins. It will be a bit awkward as molds takes a lot of space. The discards will have to be smashed so they will not take so much room in the dumpster as each molds are hollow in the center. A wet mold weigh an awful lot more than a dry mold. Soon it will be all behind us and we will feel a bit lighter for getting rid of an awful lot of stuff that we REALLY DON'T NEED ANYWAY.


As for myself, I started back at work today. I spent the morning scraping clay goo off the floor of the clay mixing room (Students can either buy premixed clay, or mix up their own using various clay powders.) Things were left to dry with industrial dehumidifers and large fans while I went to help start putting the store back together. Today a lot of the shelves get put back up and the things put back on them. I think that that is where I will be for most of the day. At least it will be clean.

Today is also the day that our studio starts setting up for the gallery show that was suppose to open last Thursday. It is going to feature work from all classes in the Fiber Arts studio. The opening is Thursday from 4:30 till 6:30 at The Gallery which is located in the college. Stop by if you like!


DaviMack said...

We'd love to stop by ... but since we can't, will you take pictures?

Glad you're recovering from all this mess. Meanwhile, back where we're from they're starting to ration water. Crazy world.

f. pea said...

your mom is amazing - she has such a great attitude! thanks for sharing her post.

Christine said...

I agree completely Ms. Pea, our Mom is an amazing and wonderful woman.

Knowing her all my life, I have developed some pretty high expectations of her, yet she never fails to exceed them. I am proud to be her daughter, and I wish I could be even half as strong, as good, and as selfless as she is.

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys !!! You are making me blush.

Thank you for all the positive comments. The force of positive is so much better than the force of the negative in any situation.


mira's papa said...

I think that growing up in the rather large family that Mamoo grew up in would teach a person a lot of selflessness rather quickly. And strength.

Hey, I did see a story about a larger family the other day. There is a family in Arkansas expecting their 18th child. Let's see if the link comes through.


That's enough to field two baseball teams. Wow!! And I thought four children were a lot.

And I think Jackie got a lot of the Mamoo selflessness and strength too. Sure, she wants to choke one of our children to death once a week or so, but you know, no big deal; for the most part she's cool. ;-)

I am Curious Llama. said...

I am glad to hear that the farm clean up is going well. The BBC today was full of news about the earthquake in China. It does help put things into perspective. There is a big clean up and a lot of property was damaged, but at least people and cows survived in one piece. The earthquake happened in the Schezuan district. So the BBC in London went to some of the Schezuan restaurants there to interview staff. Many of them were still waiting to hear news about whether family members were alive or dead.

To bring things back to home, Mamoo is pretty amazing and inspirational. Both she and my father have a very strong faith and this helps them through a lot of difficulties. My favourite Mamoo story comes from when she was being treated for breast cancer. During the chemo, she simply shaved off her hair and went bald. No wig for Mamoo. Her Tai Chi instructor also shaved off his hair as a sign of solidarity. Many other people helped out in various ways. When I was finally able to go back home, while she was undergoing radiation therapy, she said that getting cancer was a blessing from God because she hadn't realised just how many people loved her before.