Sunday, December 02, 2007

What a weekend!

Thank you all for your well wishes this weekend! All of those positive thoughts and feelings went into me having a wonderful weekend.
Every year, I swear that I will take pictures of the other exhibitors and the building ( which is a beautiful old building with gorgeous woodwork and stain glass windows. Below is the only picture that I took. Even though I was there for more than 8 hours. When Sara and I arrived (early) there was a bunch of things to take care of. Like getting the refreshments set up. Thankfully they were policed by a student provided by Memorial Hall. We also had to get the decorations up (Sarah's job) and mark out the booth spaces and label them with the names of the other exhibitors (my job).
Here is my booth about an hour into the show. There was a lull for a few moments and I remembered to snap a picture. And then it was busy until the end. And in no way, shape , or form is that a complaint. I will say that I had a lighter load coming home, for which I am grateful!
And I also wanted to share my Friday with you. Here is the studio at the college just full of first year students putting warps on their looms.
The students first year is a Foundation of Visual Arts program. Which means that they take a lot of colour theory, design, drawing, and history classes along with what are called "studio exploration" classes. The studios that they chose from are Fiber Arts, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Fabric Surface Design, Jewelry and Metal Arts, and Clay. Before Christmas, each student can chose three studios to explore, and after Christmas they chose their major. This year we have four students that whose first choice is Fiber Arts. This makes me very happy. Especially as all of the students are strong and a couple of them are really, really good.
And here is my mixed warp white shawl that is still on the loom. I was able to weave one off on Friday, fringe and wash it Friday evening, and have it on my table Saturday morning. I still have it, but if it lasts till Christmas, I will be surprised. If I still have it at that time, then I won't be heart broken. It is a blend of silk, sari ribbon, cotton, silk noil, rayon, silk/rayon blend, various wools. So pretty.

And guess what I am going to do right now. I am going to watch a movie and do NOTHING!!!!!


Valerie said...

Wow, I am impressed!! From your booth, to the studio, to the white warp. It all looks like heaven to me!! Hope your sales were very profitable!

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Beautiful studio. And nice to hear your booth sales went well. Would have gone better if I had been there to spend my money ... but not well for my savings account.

Oh who am I kidding? With all the yarn I buy, there is NO savings account. Sigh.

(But I do have an investment under the bed) ;-)

Dave Daniels of Cabin Cove said...

That's wonderful to hear your load was lighter going home. I was wondering how you did this year. You booth looks inviting, I'd want to walk up and look and touch and buy.

kelli ann said...

gorgeous-- wish that i could have stopped by to say hello.

Kansas A said...

Wow it sounds like you had quite the busy day! You deserve a sit down and a movie :)