Sunday, September 03, 2006

A walk in the woods

Friday was such a nice day that Liz and I decided to take the kids for a picnic lunch and hike at O'Dell park. I love that park. After scrambling to pack lunches and a quick stop at the grocery store on the way, we made it up into the park and found a spot to eat. We ate our sandwiches and wraps, grapes and veggies....and then Liz cracked open the pretzels and doughnut holes. Well, the doughnut holes were nothing spectacular, but some of the pretzels!

Liz was the first to find an altered pretzel. She thought that it looked like a pregnant Virgin Mary. The kids all thought that she should sell it on e-bay and make "a bunch of money". Somehow, Liz wasn't convinced. Every time that she ate a pretzel, the kids just about blew a gasket until she would hold up her "special" pretzel.

Then Liam found one, and we realized that maybe it wasn't so special after all.

With India's find, we knew that there was a problem with the pretzel making equipment. No big sales on e-bay. But then again, I have seen some pretty weird things for sale on e-bay. Like used toilet paper, and a used tampon. My sister found them and brought them to my attention. Actually it is not a gross as it sounds. The toilet paper was used as a paper weight, and the tampon was still wrapped and used to separate two classes of CD. And they sold. So who knows, maybe someone out there would actually pay for a funny shaped pretzel.

And now for something completely different....

New purses.

I inherited some scraps from a silk painter/dyer/designer of beautiful household items. I think that they are pretty. I have 5 more that are ready to sew up. I just have to do it. And I have another 6 or 7 pieces that are waiting to be incorporated into a tote bag type of thing. I just have to come up with a pattern and the rest of the fabric and not to mention the time. Sewing is not my favorite thing. Probably because the only sewing class that I took was in grade 8 and I didn't want to be there, so I didn't really pay attention, and all of the clothing patterns that we were to chose from were pretty fugly, so I sewed a hamburger pillow and a light bulb pillow. They were cute, but useless and somewhere along the way disappeared from my life. Needless to say, I am not the greatest seamstress. Someone suggested that I find someone to pair up with and have THEM do the sewing, but I am selling these things for so little as it is that I don't see that as a viable option. If I had an outlet in Toronto or (gasp) New York, where people actually SPEND their money, I could probably charge a good price and give someone else a cut. But here, not so much. But they are so pretty that I will continue to make the purses. People really like them though, and maybe I will sell a few at Christmas time.

Until then, wish me luck in my sewing pursuits.

See y'all later.

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