Friday, September 29, 2006

The beginning

of my dye samples

This is the percentage chart for magenta. I can do more colours on my own if I want. The basic idea for this exercise is to start out with a specific amount of white fleece and dye it different percentages using a 1% Dye Stock Solution. These samples go from .05% DOS to 4% DOS , DOS meaning Depth of Shade. This way you are able to make colours as pale or intense as you want.

This is the beginning of my colour triangle for Brilliant Blue, Red, and Golden Yellow. There is one that needs to be redyed (the light purple at the top, as it's a bit to light) and there was one that was missed. 60% Blue 40% Golden Yellow. It was dyed in class the other day along with our complex colours (mixing all three colours in various percentages) and is drying. We started on the other triangle, Magenta, Turquoise, and Sun Yellow , and have 6 samples to dye for next week. I am going to try and get mine done before the weekend is over.

But for now I am headed off to bed again. I am having one of those nights of broken sleep and have been up since about 1 am. It is now 3:30. After laying around in bed for a few hours not sleeping,I decided to get up and do SOMETHING productive. So here I am. Good Night.

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Leigh said...

Yum. What lucious colors. Sounds like you're learning a lot.

Good idea about the sleepless nights. I do that sometimes too.