Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Done Done Done

I am officially finished with the canning and preserving. Anything else that comes my way has to be eaten fresh or rot.

Final tally

15 1.5 liters
80 quarts
20 pints

Jalipino peppers
12 pints

Blueberry Jam
3 pints
7 half pints

Grape Jelly
4 pints
7 half pints

5 pints
4 half pints

Lady Ashburnham

5 Pints

That is what is sitting on my shelves. I am good and done. Some of these will go out as Christmas gifts to co-workers. Others will be gobbled by the bottomless pits that I live with.

In fiber related things, I am almost finished my second orange scarf. Dye class is coming right along, but we are now down to a grand total of two in the class. That is a lot of samples per person. And I still haven't finished my homework for tomorrow. But at the end of it, I will have a kick ass sample book. Felting class is fun too, but also a lot of work. I was in the school last night to do my homework with Amber, the other woman in my class.

And my sister sent me some more Alpaca yarn. This is mixed with some acrylic, but I don't know the quantities. Alpaca/ Acrylico is on the label, but no percentages. I did a burn test and there was a lot of burning hair smell and very little black bead. So I think that it is mostly alpaca. What I want to know is why anyone would mix alpaca with acrylic? This batch actually had Peru on the label as the place of origin.

Back to the kitchen to finish the cleaning.



Anonymous said...

Jackie really means jalapeƱo peppers. Honestly. I hope the HTML doesn't mangle my proper "n" with the tilde over it.

jackie said...

picky picky picky. Good thing he doesn't love me for my spelling.