Saturday, September 30, 2006

Signs of the times

You know that winter is on its way around here when the greenery starts appearing back in the house.

First to come back in was the citrus, otherwise known as GF, or Grapefruit tree. Bill started this baby as a seed from a grapefruit that he ate back about 14 years ago. When I met him it was about 6 inches high and sharing a home with an avocado plant. The avocado had since left this mortal realm to go back to nature (read compost) but the citrus has grown and flourished and is now taking over our rather small living room.

And in the herb corner, not in their permanent home are, from the left, Lonely Rose (rosemary), LG (lemon grass) and Bay (bay laurel). Their winter home is TEMPORARILY (the "T" word in my house) occupied by a few other thing which will soon find a new home.....RIGHT BILL???!!!!!!
On the fiber front, I did four of my six dye samples Friday night. Two and a bit of the three scarves that are on my loom have been woven off. Here is number three on its way. I had a few extra demands on my time last week that I hadn't anticipated and so missed my self imposed deadline of having them off and ready to go to market with me this morning. I will aim for next week now. Last weekend I also drove down to Gagetown to pick up my weavings/yarns etc that were in a summer gallery down there. While we were there, the kids wanted to go for a bit of a walk, so off we went and at the place where people put their boats in (what is that called any way?) the kids (oh joy and bliss) found a dead bird. We think that it might have been a duck at one time, but I wasn't going to get close enough to do a through examination. Ick. Liam wanted to take home the bill. What is it with boys and grossness? I say no and he (thankfully) didn't fight it beyond a small whine. I think that my boy knows when I mean business.
I'll be dyeing more bright and early in the morning, so If I have enough presence of mind in those wee hours, I will bring the camera and give you a tour of the dye kitchen at the college.
Until then, have colourful dreams.


amanda said...

too funny... is there still room for you and the kids amidst the plants?

Barbara J Gill said...

Just doing research on Lady Ashburnham ... found you RIGHT HERE IN F'TON. Love that grapefruit tree AND your wonderful weaving and dyes and such. Barbara in F'ton.