Friday, September 22, 2006

Happy Friday

Is my house the only one where this is a true. With one notable exception. Replace "game" with movie or some form work on the computer.

On top of everything else that is happening in my life, I am also taking a couple of classes at the Craft College. There is a new dyeing teacher who is REALLY GOOD! She is very precise and looks for reproducible results. So far, my dye book has read like the journal of unreproducable results. I shall now be able to change all of that! For my warp and skein dyeing, I may some day want to match colours and dye lots. She is also a felting teacher and I am sitting in on that class too. It is good to be able to answer students questions, But, we also have homework. The rule of thumb is that for every hour of class you do an hour of homework. That's an extra 6 hours a week that I need to come up with. I'm loving it though. I love being given an exercise to challenge my mind. Get it out of the dish pan, so to speak.

And do you know what I did yesterday in the middle of running errands? Stopped off at the garden to see how things were progressing, and apparently, they were progressing quite well because I picked two more grocery bags of cukes. These we will eat. Last night there was frost and the cucumber plants shall produce no more.

I am off to market in the morning and I shall make sock progress and hopefully sell a few things at the same time.


Nicole said...

Hello Ack. I did a google search to find your site. I am looking for a mention of the not quite 100% alpaca.

Llamas rule!

Big Nickii

Love to Little Nikkipoo, the masters of the universe and the femo queen.

amanda said...

The class/instructor sound great! I did a dye workshop in Lafayette with Charlene Schurch and it was wonderful -- we walked away with a notebook full of reproduceable results.

Leigh said...

Your class sounds great. Any chance of some pix of some of the pages of your dye book?

Jay said...

It all sounds so exciting and... well, almost a bit 'Little House on the Prairie', but hopefully without as much big hair (on the men) and so many pigtails (on the women... and the men, in some cases). Your love of learning more and more is wonderful...