Wednesday, September 13, 2006

And the count continues

Yesterday I made

20 pints of Dills
2 quarts of Dills
3 1.5 litres of Dills

I'll give you the grand total soon but I can safely say that I am officially not making any more dills this year. So I moved on to....

14 pints of Jalapeno peppers.
That is it for the peppers. I can still smell them in the air.

I also washed 243,675 tomatoes. and if I miss counted, I can honestly say that I am not far off. Most are still green, but I have great hopes for the majority of them. Tonight for supper I made an uncooked tomato sauce that was sooooo GOOD! I'll give you the recipe tomorrow. Maybe.

Tomorrow, if all goes according to plan, it will be grape jelly time. And maybe some blueberry jam too. And then there is the Lady Ashburnham pickles that the kids all like. But those are for another day. And much later the green tomato relish that I really like. And I thing that will be it, but I am so tired right now, that I might be mistaken.

And all this time I have a lovely orange warp that is on my loom just asking to be woven. And it is the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival this weekend and I had wanted to get a few new scarves ready for all of the lovely people that would be coming through town and hopefully our little market. Instead, I make pickles. Maybe I could put a few of those on the table. I think that I have a few extra.

And just to let you know, all of my spare basil found new homes.

And I am off to bed.


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amanda said...

It all sounds so wonderful! And made even better by the fact that it is homemade. Do you by any chance have extra space? I was thinking I might move in and eat my way through the Fall/Winter!