Saturday, February 25, 2006

Yet another sock report

My hubby thinks that I talk about my sock too much here. It's either that or moan about the weather, which has turned cold again. But on a positive note, the dreaded month of February is almost over, march break is just around the corner, and it was actually light out yesterday when the alarm went off and I hauled my tired ass out of bed. Summer is coming! Well, maybe I should herald the arrival of spring first, but summer is what I really want.

In any case, Thursday night, I watched "Sweet Home Alabama" and almost finished my cuff. I have seen it enough times that I didn't have to pay complete attention to the screen, and I have the K2P1 down so that I didn't have to pay complete attention to the sock either. I started to knit the heel last night, but was convinced by a little girl that cuddle time was more important. We went to bed shortly there after and my sock sits waiting for me to come to it again. Which I will do later on today when someone is napping. In hope no one else needs attention.

I balled my blue/green yarn yesterday, and it is all aquiver with anticipation to be transformed into socks. Who knew that socks would be so addictive?

Tomorrow is my parents 40th wedding anniversary. So Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! They will be coming over for supper. Last night, they went out for Chinese, my aunt is getting them a gift certificate for another restaurant, and they are coming here to eat. So I guess that in my family, 40th is all about food.


Mia said...

Hi Jackie!
Do you have email addy? Couldn't find it on the blog.

I LOVE your idea of the baby quilt.. I'm going out today to look for some fabric... I'm not really sure how to attach the edges, front and back if I do a quilt, so if you have any other info that would be helpful to me, I'd appreciate it!

jackie said...

Hi Mia,

No problem. I can be reached at

Get in touch.

Diana said...


Now you've got Mia quilting. I hope she doesn't drag me down that road. I can't have another hobby... too expensive.

Isn't it funny, how celebration always leads to food? I really don't even need a reason to eat!

jackie said...

who needs a reason?

Liz said...

ahhh the quilting. Jackie remember that fateful winter we took the quilting course? I think twins wee the ultimate result, but my lone star is still in the closet waiting patiently to be quilted, maybe in our old age the damned things will be done...

jackie said...

Yes, twins were present at the time, but it was easy to keep them inline beacuse they were only about an inch long. Soon after they were born, I had to give up my sewing/weaving/craft room and so my lonestar has sat in my filing cabnit waiting for me to get a new room to house all of my stuff. Hopefully soon... but I've been saying that for how long now?