Thursday, February 16, 2006

OK. I lied.

Or, read the pattern right stupid.

I looked at the pattern again last night because I hit the toe and needed to consult. And while I was there, I looked at the tension recommendation and it said "To be measured on 3mm needles in Stocking stitch 7sts. 10 rows = 1 inch or 2.5mm"
So I went back to my sock and did the measurements and lo and behold, the gauge was RIGHT! According to my pattern. Maybe I just have a skinny foot.

I still should have sampled and did my GD swatch. I will next time.

And guess what else happened last night?!?!?


And I tried it on over the sock that was on my foot. It was a little loose, but I can live with that. I can still also shrink it. And here comes my lie. After finishing sock #1 and determining that it wasn't really all that big, I started on sock #2 without doing my shrinkage swatch. I didn't want to fall into what is , around here referred to as, " a gumption trap" . I am sure that you are all familiar with them. Something comes up and you don't start or continue or finish a project and then after a while it seems like just too much bother, or there is always something else to do that is more important. I am learning to spot mine and I spotted one last night. As simple as casting on sock 2. It was almost bed time for me and I thought " I'll just start this and then won't have to start it later". I find starting on dp's a bit awkward. It would be a gumption trap for me. So now I have sock #2 started and about 4 rows of k2p1 done and it shall be easy to pick it up and continue on.

As for the rest of my life, Today was a beautiful day and wee N and I walked up the hill to go to the Blue Cross office to turn in some receipts and get some cheques. I have decided that , although it was not as painful as I anticipated,(pushing the stroller) I definitely need some more exercise and will get out for longer walks if the weather is fine. I read an article in a mag in the dentist office yesterday about why it is hard for some people to loose weight and I learned that when you hit perimenopause ( which is where I am) your body produces more estrogen which makes you retain more fat. I like my beer, I like my chocolate, I like my food, BUT I don't want to get fat so that means less intake than I had before, or more calorie burning exercise. I have a hard time saying no so I guess that I will start to say yes and just walk more.


raggedj said...

I've enjoyed following your sock saga, and am glad to hear that you're over half way there! And thank you for introducing the gumption trap by I have something concrete to blame for my living room full of unfinished projects! :)

Liz said...

I suffer from the gumption trap phenomenon as well. I am trying hard to schedule tasks. not workin so well but baby steps babysteps.have to warp some cards and weave the header for my Roman loom. got er all planned... have yarn and cards... must to thread through tiny holes and make the damned thing happen. oh and photograph the process.
must require wine, when in rome....