Monday, February 13, 2006

My sock runneth over

I am so jazzed! Thanks to the wonderful woman of knowledge, Kate, I am well on my way to completing 'the sock'. The k2p1 of the cuff is done. The heel, complete with turning, is done. The instep with all of its cryptic codes, is done. I am just working my way down the foot. Then I hit the toe. And then I'm DONE. Well, done the first sock. This sort of reminds me of when I gave birth to twins. During the pushing out stage of the birth, I screamed "I can't believe that I have to do this AGAIN". But I suppose if I want a "pair" of socks, that I shall. Now I just have to figure out how to wear them without touching the ground.

To all of you that were hit with the blizzard yesterday... here in Fred'sville we got about 4 inches. And it was light and fluffy. A dream to shovel. Now that I said that, the next storm will probably dump 3 feet of heavy wet snow and then top it off with some freezing rain.

I also took some time to scroll through all of "you knit what?"s archives. By far the funniest thing I have seen in ages. And this poor dog takes the cake. I almost peed myself, spit my tea and fell off the chair laughing. Doberman's should not wear bonnets.


Valerie said...

I always knit both socks (or mittens, gloves, etc0 at the same time. It requires 2 sets of dpn's, but small investment for never having a matched pair (or never having a complete pair!). I finish the ribbing on one, then do the other. Work x number of pattern repeats, then do the same with the other. You get the idea. It's much like what you did in gestating the twins,( vs. having 2 children 9 mos. and 10 minutes apart).

jackie said...

That sounds like a good idea! I will definatly do that the next time that I knit socks. I don't think that it will be too long a time because this has not been terribly painful, unlike birthing twins.

Liz said...

i gotta have the pattern for the doberman bonnet. i am sure it will be stunning in turquoise fun fur.snort.