Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Little sock progress and more creative procrastination

I have been working on the sock. I swear. It sits in its little basket on the kitchen counter and I pick it up from time to time and do a few rows. I tried to knit in the dark while watching a movie the other night. I don't recommend it. There are a few more mistakes that shall grace my foot when finished.

As for creative procrastination, I dyed two skeins of Briggs and Little off white into blends of green and blue with a touch of yellow. I love the instantness of the dye process. In an hour you know if you have something beautiful, or something not.

The weather is warmer today, but still hasn't broken above freezing. I look forward to those hot summer days. I am tired of being cold, and tired of the power bill. It amazes me how much it costs to heat our place to something slightly more than frigid. Not like you could tell by looking at baby N. She is a striptease artiste. The longest that I can keep clothes on her is about 30 minutes, and that is only if she knows that we are going for a walk soon. Once we get back from the walk, off come the boots, then snowsuit, soon followed by socks and pants. Last to go is the shirt. All my kids were like that. Must be something genetic. On any given day the two of us are a study in opposites. Her, diaper clad. Me wool covered.

Summer, get here soon.


Jay said...

Keep at those socks! I have found that the Zhivago I am working with knits up slower that a snails foreplay session... but I just keep knitting away and am very surprised when I finish a piece.

Diana said...

Just think of the phases we go through.... Diaper clad, then wool clad, and in our older years we are diaper clad again!

jackie said...

I am doing the socks in a Fleece Artist blue faced leister ( probably spelled that way wrong) . It is a 4 ply that is slightly smaller than a sports weight. It is also slower than snails foreplay. My next socks are going to be in a nice fat quick to work up two ply.

And I think that I am just going to add the diapers to the wool, although not have wool diapers. Itchy!

'Zann said...

I reserve the right to change my mind, but a few weeks back I decided that I am only going to knit socks in worsted weight on size 4 needles. I just didn't enjoy knitting socks with smaller needles and finer wool. And if I don't enjoy the knitting, what's the point??? Knitting up worsted on 4's gives a pretty tight fabric that hopefully will wear well. So far, so good!

jackie said...

I'm with you on that Zann! But this yarn that I am using was just too pretty to pass up. I have had it for about 3 years now and never found the right weaving to use it in. So when I found the sock pattern, the yarn cried out and I answered. I never really thought about it knitting up soooooooo slowly. Live and learn. Or would that be knit and learn?