Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Whose bright idea was it to make garbage cans white? I mean really? Come on. What do you do with a garbage can? You stick a pretty white bag in it and then start shoving garbage in it. And if your house is like my house and NO ONE ELSE ever changes the garbage of their own free will, the game becomes" let's see how full we can get it before Mom changes it." All subconscious of course. All I have to say about the lid is "EEEWWWWW!" Even DH, If I ask him to put out the garbage in a rare free moment, he will. But then doesn't finish the job by putting in a new pristine white bag. So instead of training him for the rare occasion that I ask, I have trained myself to add "...and put in a new bag". Isn't garbage putting out a "man job" any way?

So after all of this, you may ask "why did you buy a white garbage can in the first place?" The answer. I didn't. It was a gift. And we here don't look gift horses in the mouths until those horses are on their last legs. Which the can is. I shall soon be retiring my last white garbage can and replacing it with a stainless steel one. I figure that if I can get ten years out of a white plastic one, a stainless steel one will see me out.

Thanks for letting me vent.


'Zann said...

I don't know about white garbage cans, we have big dark green plastic ones. The metal ones take a beating when they get thrown about by the guys who have the awful/necessary job of taking away our garbage.

Thanks for the tips on your needlefelting projects. I'm trying to get organized enough to get back to doing something interesting and original. I also appreciate your workshop notes - I'm convinced I cannot lead a workshop due to past experience, but I may get brave again one day.

Glad you liked the Kaleidescope Painter! We are Mac people, too, and I do appreciate things that are made for both kinds of computer people.

It's a great disappointment to me that all the decent knitting programs seem to be PC-only. I would love to be able to plug in measurements and design features and receive a written pattern in return!

jackie said...

I suppose that I should have clarified kitchen garbage cans. My out door can is blue and wheeled.

I was always reluctant to run a workshop because I thought that I didn't know enough to actually teach and I have that whole public speaking fear thing too. But two summers ago I was convinced that I should teach a workshop and the $120 went a long way in the convincing.