Monday, June 29, 2009

Why I used to nap in the playpen

No, really, I did. When my twins were little and I was suffering from chronic sleep deprivation I would climb in the old wood playpen and curl myself in the corner by the wall, cover myself in one of their small blankets and take cat naps while they played in the room. That way, I was there if they managed to get into trouble and need me for whatever reason ,but at the same time, they couldn't get me.
Naps were essential in those day. Nights were spent more awake than asleep until the boys started sleeping through the nights around 2 years old. Tired tired tired. Bone crushing exhaustion. Relentless. That is one of the things that I remember most from that time when my boys were small.
The other thing was dirt. Dirty dishes, dirty diapers, dirty laundry, dirty floors, dirt, dirt, dirt. I was so exhausted and things just kept getting ahead of me.
Eventually they started sleeping through the night, which meant that I could too, and I slowly, slowly started to conquer the piles.
People used to say, "remember the times when they are little, you'll miss them when they are bigger". I haven't yet hit that point.


Julia said...

I never knew that it was that bad, poor thing. Thank goodness for Pampers.

jackie said...

For the first year, it was cloth diapers for three seeing as Mira went back in diapers when the boys were born.

Dani said...

Oh dear. That exhausts me just reading it. I can't imagine!

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

I babysat twins & their sister & brother. Almost stopped me from having kids. Almost. But grandkids are just so much more fun!!

mira's papa said...

I'm likely to be very old before I ever see any grandchildren. Kind of like my father was. Oh well, I just took too long finding Jackie.