Thursday, June 25, 2009

Made With Love

Welcome to "Made With Love". It is the name of the shop that I am in this summer. Some of you may remember that I was part of an Artist in Residency program the past couple of years. Along the same boardwalk are other shops that are filled with local craftspeople and artisans. This year I am in one of them with six other people. Several of my casemate mates were in the same spot last year and I was invited in by Erin, who was a student at the Craft College.

Welcome to "Made With Love".....
In no particular order.....

Chelsey, who is a self confessed bead-aholic. She makes all her own findings (which are the posts, clips, jump rings, ear wires etc.)
Then there is Yolande. She and her husband do twice yearly wood firings. They have built an anagama kiln on their property in the north of New Brunswick. They are doing a firing RIGHT NOW! and I can hardly wait to see the new pots that she brings in over the next couple of weeks! Most of what you see here are electric fired. The wood fired pottery is truly special.
Next up is me. Because I have such a diverse offering, it takes several photos. First are my hand-dyed yarns and origami cranes. You can also see a few of my Temari Balls on the tree. I am giving a workshop in temari this summer as part of the edventures workshop series.
I also make origami cards.
Then there are my silk scarves and hand woven, hand dyed scarves.

Hand dyed, hand spun, hand woven scarves. And silk velvet and silk satin scarves as well as my hand spun yarn.

Amy La Loon is another potter whose bowls look as if they will scurry away with your cereal or soup. On the top right, you can see her "corset tea pot". I can almost hear it singing "I'm a little tea pot.."

Ashley is a graduate of the fashion and textiles departments . Ashley is very dedicated to the environment and uses only organic cotton and fibers whose production are easy on the environment.
Erica's designs are all inspired by nature and she uses mostly sterling silver. I suppose that I should have done a few detail shots. Believe me when I say that they are beautiful!
And then there is Erin. Erin is also a graduate of the Textiles Department.
Her main products are hankies, including these with instructions,

And hand knit owls. I had to turn this one around because like befts, they all like to go to the left.

Thanks for stopping by. And if you are in the neighbourhood, please stop by in person!


Anonymous said...

So, I was going to come and keep you company. Now I know I'll be shopping. Come to me, windfall of money! Come to me. Momma needs pretty stuff.


jackie said...

Sarah, You are too friggin cute!

Christine said...

How long is do you and your casement mates have the casement?

I may be by in July.

Christine said...

Pardon my grammar above.

Dave Daniels said...

How fun to see all your finished objects set up so nicely and for sale. That's quite a range of offerings. Best of luck in the sales end of things.

jackie said...

We are open until September 20th. Plenty of time!

Dani said...

Ooooh, I wish I could come see! It all looks so pretty. And I REALLY wish I could take your temari course. I have always wanted to try that

mira's papa said...

It's not every day that you see the word "snot" written down.

Teyani said...

wish I was close enough to pop in - your booth looks fabulous, and I expect will sell lots in that cool building ;-)