Thursday, June 11, 2009

Smooth as.....

kitten's wrist.

That is what my Father-in-Law says about something that is soft soft soft.

And seeing as this is merino, and seeing as it does remind me of the colour those beautiful smoky cats that some people have, Smooth as a Kitten's Wrist seemed like a good name for this colour way.
Although next time, I think that I will go for a little more variation. A few darker spots as well as a few lighter spots.

Here is the singles. At the top of the picture, you can just make out my high tech roving holder. One of those firm plastic gift bags. It sits conveniently on the floor beside me when I am spinning, holds a crap load of roving, there is nothing for the roving to get caught on, and when I am done spinning for the night, it fits on the treadle!

Final yarn. On green leaves in my front garden. Summer is almost here!

Content: merino
Source: my own dye pot
Yardage : 130
Weight: 4 oz


Dani said...

Oh. My. That is some of the most gorgeous handspun I have seen. I LOVE that colourway! Grey is definitely one of my favourite colours.

Christine said...

Lovely! I wish I could knit.

Leigh said...

What a lovely gray! I imagine the fiber is absolutely heavenly.

stand-in for the bug said...

one thread two thread needs fresh thread. Your readers are dying (not dyeing) to read more.