Tuesday, June 02, 2009

New York Day 3 (part 2)

You hear a lot about NYPD. But one thing that I hadn't heard was that they were using these mini .... cars? I saw a bunch of them around the city. Some times they were parked (4 to a space), a few times they were actually being driven, and here they were parked near the Central Park Precinct. Cute eh? But I can't help but wonder at the policeman's reaction when he gets drawn to drive one of these things around.
When we made it through the park, we went to the Cooper Hewitt. There was a exhibit called Fashioning Felt. Oh my! No cameras were allowed except in the ceremonial felt tent. The tent was designed and built to fit in the atrium of the museum which is (very approximately) 12'x18' x 18' high. It was designed and built by Janice Arnold.
Here are a few views of the incredible structure. If you are able, I strongly suggest you visit this magical palace.
There is an amazing amount of difference in the different panels.

Many different fibers were used
And many different patterns

For the rest of the exhibit ( or at least most of it) click on Fashioning Felt right HERE!
You'll be glad that you did (if you are a fiber person that is)

Tomorrow Day 3 the final instalment


Julia said...

Wow, it's amazing what people create with felt. What I like most of all ( because I am not a fiber artist ) are those mini something that the police drive. I notice it has only one wheel in the front. It looks like a an improvement on those chinese bicycle drawn tourist carts.

mira's papa said...

Those little cars are for parking patrol officers.

You can read about them here

They are, oddly enough, made in western Canada. I've never seen one before, but I can imagine that it's easier to zip around Manhattan in one of them than a full sized car. And safer than a motorcycle.