Thursday, June 04, 2009

New York Good Bye

Due to the excess amounts of beer consumed the night before. I really didn't get a great sleep. Having to wake at 4:30 didn't help either. We were all assembled and ready to go by 5:00. Unfortunately, the bus driver had a little bit of an incident at the hotel (husband screaming at wife, while a small baby howled near by) and he didn't get there until 5:30.
In the mean time, we waited, assembled, ran back to rooms for a final check and turned in out door keys.
Good bye New York.
If you look closely at this building, if is built over an expressway. Or an expressway was built under it. I am not quite sure which.
One of the crew on the trip wanted to stop at the New Hampshire Liquor store. I managed to find a couple of bottles of wine that we can't buy around here. This one, however, was one that I left behind.
Final panoramic of the people on the bus. Most if them are sleeping. Or at least pretending.
When I go home, the kids were waiting on the lawn, and Bill had held supper so I ended my trip with a wonderful meal and a good sleep.


Julia said...

I love that label on the wine bottle. Hope that the wine is as good as the label, but for some mothers any wine will do... when they get a chance to get out.

Thanks for sharing your trip with us Jackie.

Christine said...

I am glad you had a nice trip. :)

Kansas A said...

Although I don't drink wine, I love that label! LOL