Friday, June 26, 2009

Good idea gone way wrong

I have been spinning for several years now. I have a Louet s10 wheel and the bobbins have an amazing capacity. Normally I spin up 2 full bobbins with 4 oz on each and then ply them onto a third bobbin. I can fit all 8 ounces on one bobbin. Just.
I was also introduced to the idea of plying form a center pull ball. The basic idea is that you make a center pull ball and then ply from both ends. I have had marvelous success . Most of the time.
Introducing "My Little Pony" the tangled edition. This is one of the standard colour ways that I dye. Some people think that it is too "hot", but enough like it to keep me dyeing it. I have to admit that it makes me happy in a strange little girl way.
I think that the problem is two fold. The first is that I normally let my singles rest on the bobbin. This is not a designed thing, just am indication of how busy I am. Generally, if we are not watching a movie, I am not spinning. Those damn "To Do" lists just keep on growing no matter how many things that you cross off. In any case, I have NEVER had such highly energized yarn to try and ply. You can easily see all of the kinks and curls.
Learning experience #1. Let your yarn REST before trying to ply from a center pull ball. Other singles are happily resting as per learning experience # 1.
The second problem stems from my ball winder. It sits, for the most part, on the edge of my trolley that my computer sits on. The trolley is next to my loom and also in front of Rosemary, Bay, and Lemon Grass. Plants don't you know. To water them I move the trolley. Which is next to my loom as I think that I have mentioned. And if I am not careful, the ball winder can get bumped by the loom. Sigh.
In any case, this led to a few strands of yarn that didn't quite stay in the ball and got caught up in the whole plying thing what with the kinky, curly yarn.

In any case. While watching Alvin and the Chipmunks (Nicole's choice) I started to ply this....ball. It quickly became a mess. I persisted, but eventually decided to mentally step away from the wheel so that I wouldn't just get the scissors and know.

This morning, with a fresh mind, I took another try and after much picking and plying of a few feet at a time, I managed to get the whole thing untangled and plied.

Ta-da! I think that I am going to let it rest for a few days on the kniddy-noddy before washing it out.


Anonymous said...

One of my most favourite colourways. <3

Sarah, accomplishing stuff early today.

Julia said...

Having a fresh mind goes a long way. Alas for me my mind is not fresh this morning because..... the neighbour's dog way down the lane barked all night a whinny bark that was saying let me in. It was hot and muggy and I had to have my windows open. So I had very little sleep.

(Just nowI just got a call from my neighbour looking if I knew who's beautiful golden retriever, well mannered dog was outside her house barking all night. They didn't get any sleep either)

Bur seriously your yarn looks beautiful.

Christine said...

You know... that top picture makes me think of alien brain mater. (Is my little pony from outer space?)

The second picture is much more earthly. :)

Leigh said...

I hate it when that happens. The result proves that your persistence was definitely worth it however!