Tuesday, June 23, 2009

On the loom

Fine wool scarves, in red this time. You can't tell from the photo, but the outside edges are a tad darker than the center. They are nice. The colour is beautiful and the colour changes are very subtle. But I have been avoiding the loom lately and I think it is because I am just not inspired by these scarves. Sigh. I think that I will just have to press on . Or maybe that should be "weave on".
We will see where I am by the weekend.


Teyani said...

actually, I CAN see the tonal differences on my comp0uter screen, and it's lovely.
I wonder if you are just bored by the lack of more intricate pattern in this one (especially after those amazing bookmarks! wow)
You'll solve it, and as always, your work is stunning.

mira's papa said...

It's easy to see if you look ahead of the shuttle (that is, the part that is only warp threads - there you can readily distinguish the three bands). After the fill is in, it's not quite so easy to see.