Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Recycled silk

I was fortunate enough to receive a bag of silk threads from a friend that dyes silk fabric to make hangings and pillows. She dyes yardage and strips the fabric into the correct size, then makes her product. They are truly beautiful.

And so are the threads that she felt she couldn't throw out.
It was slightly challenging to spin the thread balls but with a bit of pre-drafting I managed. I decided to ply my recycled silk with some black merino.

The resulting yarn is a lot of fun. The colour changes quite frequently and the black really ties all of the different colours together.


Recycled silk threads
black merino
Skein 1- 84 yards
Skein 2- 77 yards


Dani said...

That's so cool Jackie! Ideas on what you will knit it into?

Julia said...

Wow! Colorful... It looks like a rainbow of colors. Ideal for those who can't decide on what color they want.


DaviMack said...

It sure does look good, for being leftovers!

Valerie said...

Ooooooh!! I like!!