Sunday, March 16, 2008

Small Steps

We have a week full of sun and slightly above freezing temperatures coming. Or so the weather page says at this time. That will hopefully diminish the snow banks a bit and melt some of the hard packed ice on the side streets and sidewalks.

Yesterday I hauled all of my fleece away from in front of my loom so that I could put on a warp. I chose Midnight Garden for the simple reason that I already had the perfect colour weft in my stash. The other three scarves will have to have weft dyed or purchased before I can weave them.
When I had moved all of my various fleece, batts, roving and fluff in general I realized that a fair number of them were in plastic bags. Apparently, fleece will felt just by sitting in a plastic bag. And having spun roving that this has happened to, I decided to do something to prevent this from happening again.

So I dug in my fabric stash and found about 3 yards of a thin cotton in a pale pink that I would probably never use for anything else, and made a bunch of bags to contain my fleece. I have to admit that it took me a bit of thinking before I remembered where this fabric came from. I have never purchased anything that was that colour of pale pink before so was at a loss as to where it cam from. Then I remembered Carol had brought over some fabric for me to pick through when she was cleaning out her mothers house last summer. It is a beautiful fabric, just not in my usual colour palate.

Not everything needed to be bagged, and there are still a few things that are in plastic (like the baby llama butt). The fleece that I am spinning usually resides in a gift bag that I can easily move around and will sit upright beside my chair while I spin.

All small steps heading towards my New Years resolution of getting more organized. And while we are mentioning resolutions, I have to admit that I am having mixed results in the "drinking more water" one. There are days when I drink my two litres (or more), and other days when I don't get anywhere close.


I am Curious Llama. said...

I find it hard enough to 'keep organised' and to 'drink enough water' and I live alone! You have set yourself a pretty uphill task giving that you most certainly are not living alone and don't have much space in your house. For things to be tidied and organised, you need a special space for these items. I was lucky enough to think about this when I first moved into my flat. So, I have labeled Ikea boxes that things go into. However, I also do have a wine box on the floor of my office of 'things that need to be filed'. For those of you who haven't heard about IKEA, this is a Swedish chain store. They specialise in how to make the most out of small spaces and do have excellent displays in their catalogue and stores giving you ideas about how you can organise your stuff.

I am Curious Llama. said...

I forgot to say that I see that baby Felicity has her own bag! Would it be possible in a future post to see some of the scarfs you make up? So, far, I have seen lots of yarn, but not the end product.

jackie said...

I never expected to get the whole house organized! That would be too much to expect in this house with all of my pack rats. I just want to get my spinning and weaving stuff organized and keep better notes on my projects.

Anonymous said...

Didn't you know that Wee Nicole's favorite color was pink? I am sure that she finds your new fleece bags to her liking.

Have you noticed that we constantly bring things in the home weeks after weeks but very seldom get things out. Well, maybe on rare occasions we throw stuff out or we give it to the different charities.

I know for myself, I scramble to find things that I no longer use to have it ready for Community Living to pick up once in a while. We have become a pack rat society. Drawers are bulging with things we might need. Yikes! Another thing that I have noticed is that we lead such a busy life that we don't even have the time to slow down. We are always in a rush and live with the idea that tomorrow we will have more time which is just an illusion. We have all the same amount of time but we need to make choices of what to do within that 24 hours.

Mothers are notorious for not taking time to properly care for themselves. They care for everybody else's needs but their own. Every great journeys begins with that first step.



DaviMack said...

I must say that I agree with Llama - can we see the finished scarf? ;)

Leigh said...

Very nice bags. I use old pillow cases, as I'm too lazy, er, time pressured, to make bags. Now. I want to see the scarf too!