Sunday, March 02, 2008

Blue ......

I am having a hard time naming this one too. It reminds me of blue water surrounding some tropical island. There is heat, relaxation, some fancy drink with an umbrella nearby. It brings me to mind of diving off coral reefs and being visited by colourful fishes. You know the type of thing that I mean. Even if, like me, you have never been to a tropical country, we have all seen the travel brochures. I'm talking Blue Lagoon without Brooke Shields.

I guess that I just dated myself.

One of the reasons for all of this tropical longing is because there are at least 4 people at work that have taken themselves and in some instances, their families down to a warmer place while the rest of us have been left to deal with yet more snow.

Here is Simon laying on the small snowbank out our front door.

And Liam standing in front of the garage. And yes, that lump in front of the garage is indeed a car.
This year has definitely reminded me of the winters when I was a kid. Lots of snow. So much fun if you don't have to shovel.

Come on Spring. Anytime now would be good!


DaviMack said...

It's supposedly coming along any time now. ;)

Blue Lagoon - yeah, I can see that. Something to do with the Caribbean maybe? Barbados Blue?

Anonymous said...

Another beautiful color, Jackie. I have been thinking about the tropics too and have been yearning for warm sunny days with azure blue skies. Blue lagoons would be nice too.

Instead today I ended up on the roof to shovel snow and ice with with my other half, because there was about two feet of snow and a layer of ice under. We had a bit of a leak in the sun room on Friday as snow was melting, causing the water to back up.

By the way that yarn looks azure blue to me.


Anonymous said...

I suggested that Jackie name it "Sherman's Lagoon", after the comic strip. But she thinks it's not the right association. I tried.

I was staring at it and wondering what it reminded me of. That's a colour I've seen before. Then it dawned on me.
Perhaps she could name it "Scope".
In real life the colour is a close match.


I am Curious Llama. said...

Lovely colour. The lighter bits remind me of the Caribean. However, the darker bits remind me of the sky in the Bolivian Andes (because of the altitude, the blue of the sky is very intense).

I suppose that there is only a small bit of this too. How long does it take to spin this much yarn?

I can't believe how much snow you guys still have! That is going to take quite a while to clear.

Kansas A said...

Oooo that is a beautiful colour... How 'bout something like "No Snow Blue?" Just kidding! But WOW do you guys still have a ton of snow! I think we hit above 16 today and everything is a sea of mud out there.