Thursday, March 20, 2008

First day of spring?

Nothing like the sounds of ice pellets in the morning.

Yes. This is another whining post.

We heralded in spring with a snow day for the kids. I had worked an extra day a couple of weeks ago and just "held" it so that I could take a snow day when we had a storm. The sitter (Mamoo) had to come in from outside of town, and seeing as I am rather fond of her, I don't want her to have to take chances on bad roads.

We had some snow last night, ice pellets and freezing rain today, to be followed by rain this afternoon. I have to say that I am heartily sick of winter. Pretty soon I will be sick of early spring. The snow banks in the above photo are over my head.

I remember back to that day in early February, the one called "groundhog day" around here, others call it imbolc. The basic premise is that if some critter shows it's face and hangs around for a while, we will have an early spring. I think that this tradition is just one of hope. "I hope he doesn't see his shadow", "I hope spring comes early", "I hope winter will be over soon."

Living in this part of the world, I have come to a conclusion. There is no such thing as early spring.

My plans for the day include laundry, cooking, cleaning, some weaving and spinning (I hope).

Do I have travel plans?
Nope. I'm not stepping out in that!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for caring Jackie. That is so nice to hear.

Wee Nicole had asked me to bake some cookies today and she ordered them with chocolate chips for Liam.

That too was cancelled because of bad weather so I will have to take a rain check on this ( pardon the pun).

I picked up some more seeds at Need and Feed yesterday but couldn't find any chili peppers seeds.

I will put this day off to good use by planting some seeds today.


mira's papa said...

It's spring! It's definitely spring! Just ask me. I can feel it. Spring fever has taken hold. I'm really psyched about it.

Margene said...

It's the time of year we're SO hungry for spring, summer, warmth and sun! I feel for you...we're just starting to see nice weather days...but today we have rain. Spring is at best unsettled. Sending warmth your way!

Kansas A said...

Oh I wish I could send you some of our sun, it's actually been quite warm here. Just because I say that you know it's going to take a twist and we're going to get one last blast of winter!!

tankgirljones said...

I will never ever complain about Crete again, I swear.

f. pea said...

i think i won't tell you what the weather is like here today.

Christine said...

I'm sending sun your way. It should arrive tomorrow.

Today was sunny in Ottawa, but cold, a wet goes through your bones type of cold. And we still have mountains of snow, and the sidewalks are nothing but slush.

jessie said...

Okay, you win. It's worse where you are than here. I don't know how you're managing not to go totally bonkers.