Monday, March 03, 2008

D is for....


This is Winnie. We get to borrow her every now and then when her mom has a meeting in town. The kids get to play with a dog for a couple of hours and I don't have another creature to take care of.

Win-win. Or maybe that should be Win-win-Winnie.


Anonymous said...

Hum... Nice looking yarn, I mean fur. Nice color combination for your yarn Jackie. I can see a Noro hat knitted in those colors. Winnie is a nice looking dog too.

Did I told you that wee Nicole was pretending to be a dog the other day and was lapping her juice and eating dry chow Mein noodles from bowls on the floor the other day.

I seem to remember your older sister doing just that for at least a whole week when she was about four or five.


I am Curious Llama. said...

Yes. I do remember doing that. I think that I eventually gave up when I was tired of eating from a dish on the floor. I think that you and dad must have been very patient to let me do my dog thing for a week. Hmm. We both like bling too. I guess you need to be careful of who you name your kids after! Hopefully, she will develop a taste for speaking different languages.

Kansas A said...

The first thing I thought of was the fur but I see Mamoo beat me to it LOL! I'd be tempted to shave the dog and spin, spin, spin :)
Okay I'm not sure if you spin first but hey it sounds good ;)