Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's Official

The February Blahs have passed and I now have the March Doldrums. We still have 200 feet of snow and ice. Yes, the days are a little longer, and that is good, but I want to put away my down parka and get rid of my winter boots. And sun. Check out all of the snow and flurries in my future! And right now the radio is talking about all the snow up north of the province which, when it melts, comes down the river and rushes by Fredericton and leads to flooding. Oh joy. Which leads me to another concern. Our garden is under at least 3 feet of snow and it's on the flood plain. So I don't think that I will get my peas in early this year. In fact, I'll be lucky to get anything in the garden until mid May. Sigh.

I did make up 4 warps out of my hand spun yesterday so for those of you that have put up with my whining, here's a little reward.

Now I need to unearth my loom from all of the fleece that is in front of it and I can start weaving.


Margene said...

We've had a little more spring that you have, but I'm still wearing socks and using shawls to stay warm. Today we'll have a rain and snow's the unsettled weather of spring.
Can't wait to see how your handspun weaves up!

DaviMack said...

You may not have peas, but you'll have ... Dragon-fruit? ;)

I am Curious Llama. said...

Are all of these going to the same scarf? I prefer the blue and the green skeins.

Anonymous said...

Heavens! Four more skein to name. I too like the green on the left then the burgundy then the blue and last the black multicolored.
They are all beautiful.

I still have not knitted my Noro pattern hat yet, not enough time, I will make it a project for the Fall maybe.


Leigh said...

Gosh, that's a lot of snow! I like snow and do miss living in the north, but not that much. :) Lovely skeins!

Kansas A said...

We're having that "in like a lamb/out like a lion" thing, and it's been raining off and on for two days, but at least we're not having anymore snow! Hubby got the water going for the chickens when he was home so I'm really hoping we don't have any freezing days because I don't really want to have to crawl under the porch :)
The colours look beautiful! I love the black/green/grey one :)