Wednesday, March 11, 2009

leaf pillow

In it's natural environment.

This is the perfect bed reading pillow! It gives a lot of support and yet conforms to your body. I love it!


Julia said...

Oh Jackie!!! the pillow is lovely but that cute little pile of bones sitting at ease by the pillow is just adorable. What a photogenic child and so girlie.

Maybe I am bias but I know cute when I see it.


mira's papa said...

The pillow is really well done and looks just great. I was surprised at how nice it looked And it's remarkable how comfortable it is. You come up with art ideas I could never think of.

The one modeling the pillow, however, is also lovely, and that was a project we worked on together. :-)

tanita s. davis said...

Cute self-conscious little smile. ;)

*envious sighs over the pillow*

If only I wasn't so lazy, I'd try something cool like this...

Lynda said...

Love this pillow - it's perfect - love the colours of the leaves ;0)

Teyani said...

that pillow is stupendous!!