Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Progress of sorts

Remember my mid-life crisis? The pink dishcloth? For about a week, I knit diligently one repeat a night. Then I actually took a look at what I was knitting.

The thing was HUGE!

Click on the picture to make it slightly larger and you will see that it was 14 inches wide. You can also see that the picture was taken while it was on both needles.
My ball was shrinking rapidly. I figured that I would end up with a dishcloth that was 14 inches wide and about 6 inches long.
I, thinking about it now, probably could have switched to smaller needles and had a fine sized dishcloth. But no. I frogged and dropped a pattern repeat and now my slowly progressing dishcloth looks like this....

Much better.
Now I just need to sit down and knit the fool thing!


tanita s. davis said...

Yes, this is why my last baby hat was frogged. I looked at it and thought, "Okay, what am I DOING here?!" It was massive.

I could have switched gears and made it a mini diaper bag, good for one bottle, one cell phone, one diaper... but I didn't think of that fast enough. C'est la vie. Beginning again...

Julia said...

I agree with Tanita, just undo and restart again. After all it is not a commissioned piece.

It is a change of pace from watching the barn being built. It will be lovely.