Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Making it Random

The basketry class happens on Friday afternoon, which is not a normal work day for me. Friday is usually taken up with groceries, bill paying, errands of various sorts, and sometimes some weaving or cleaning around the house.

But a couple of weeks ago, I decided to sit in on the basketry class and learn random weave. It is basically the same technique that I used for my pollen balls, but I was unsure how to make a rim. Now I know.
My little basket reminds me of a bird nest. If I put it in a tree, do you think that anyone will take up residence this spring.


Julia said...

That is a fancy bird's nest. I am sure that if you put it in a tree it will be occupied. Sparrows steals nests from martins and starlings steal nests from sparrows.
There will be a bunch of lazy opportunistic birds out there just waiting for your fancy nest basket I am sure.


tanita davis said...

Definitely: lazy, opportunistic birds? We've got 'em. They'll come, as soon as they get used to seeing your bit of nest in their neighborhood.

mira's papa said...

Don't do it! They'll poop in it. It's too nice to have that happen.

Leigh said...

What a sweet little basket! And I have to agree with Mira's Papa. About the poop I mean.

DaviMack said...

You could tuck easter eggs into it, instead. ;)

Teyani said...

I love that basket! And yes, I bet you are right, that if your tucked it in a bush, some little sparrow would most likely line it with fluff :-)