Saturday, March 28, 2009

Barn Raising Fund Raiser

Yesterday, all day, from 8 am until midnight, there was a fund raiser to help pay part of the cost of the my parents barn.

There was a yard sale,

Elvis came to sing. And he was just one of countless bands that played starting at noon and going almost non-stop until midnight.
There was also a silent auction with many, many, many wonderful prizes.
Breakfast and lunch was served by the church ladies and both sold out. The church committee said that they had never had so many for breakfast before!
In the afternoon there was a barbecue that was also a huge success. Breakfast was $5 but both lunch and the barbecue were by donations and the generosity of people was amazing!
There was also a 50/50 draw, a draw on a $100 bill, and the ever present bake sale as well as a donation jar.

The organizing committee was spearheaded by my brothers friends and girlfriend. There are a couple of people that were camera shy that are missing from the picture (and Elvis was just in for the photo op). They worked so hard to get donations for the auction and the yard sale, they were there from early in the morning until I don't know how late last night. I was there from about 10:30 until 6:30 in a "I'll do what ever is needed" capacity. I might have stayed longer but Nicole came down with the chicken pox yesterday morning and I was wanting to see how she was doing and get a cuddle or two. Or three. Or four.

I have a huge thank you to give to all the hard work that everyone put in to this successful fund raiser. And thanks to all who came out and had a bite to eat (even if it was just a biscuit) and bid on something. Every little bit helps and there were sure a lot of bits given yesterday.


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, Nicole! *pets her little head* Poor mommy.

It was awesome to meet Mamoo!

I really, really hope that a good portion of the money needed was raised. Every little bit helps, but 100,000 is a huge number. Even 1/10 of that is a huge number!



DaviMack said...

I hope that it turned out well, and that the barn is safe for a great many years to come!

Poor Nicole....

miar's papa said...

Don't feel too sorry for Nicole. She's actually handling it pretty well. And it's good to "get it over with". Having chickenpox at age 5 she can understand enough to not scratch them and thus avoid the scars. Her brothers were too young (age 2) when they caught them, and a few scars remain from their scratching (amazing how long those things linger). And getting them as an adult is a very bad deal. So we are glad that she's getting this little hurdle over with.

On the other hand, she still sucks her thumb, and now she has them in her mouth and throat, which the others didn't have. So that's an irritation she has that they didn't. But it's all going to be over in a few of days.

Dani said...

I hope the fundraiser was a resounding success!

I am glad your daughter is not scratching - I still have the scars 20 years later!

Julia said...

Oh what a day! Oh what a fun and memorable day it was. Never a dull moment and the pace kept up all day and night.

So many friends, neighbors and even strangers who came to support this fun filled day from morning till midnight.

My son's fiancee and friends who organized this event did an awesome and professional job. They got donations from so many sponsors for the auction and every part of the day was filled with something interesting.

There were 267 people who came for breakfast and some who came a bit late had to be turned away as the kitchen crew had to prepare for the hot lunch.

Smiles and joy was all around and the atmosphere was electrifying. There was excitement in the air all day long.

Jackie was overwhelmed with the generosity of the many friends and neighbors who were there to show their support.
I saw tears flowing on her pretty cheeks.

Young girls were set up to paint kids faces for a small
donation of a $.25 and I was the first kid to sit down and get a picture of a cow painted on my cheek to get them started and soon after grown ups were getting their face or arms painted with cows , flowers etc. for token donation. One guy in a cow costume got his whole face painted white.

One lady in a cow costume brought a long tongue to wrap around my son's neck as a practical joke. Some of you may have seen the picture of my son Vaughan in the Daily Gleaner newspaper recently with the cow's tongue wrapped around his neck.

I had my picture taken with Elvis Presley and he gave me his scarf as a souvenir.

There was all kinds of fun things going on and draws for door prizes etc. and I danced the night away.

Between 8:30 and 9:30 for the earth hour the lights were turned off and the band played without electricity, in the middle of the floor and the place was lit with LED lights. It was cool.

Some renowned cook from Lincoln donated an apple pie to be auctioned off and it went for $62.00 and Elvis got it. He was there in the afternoon and he was still there when I left at 11:30PM. I would have liked to stay longer but I had to get up at 5:30 AM this morning to go feed my calves and do my barn chores.


mira's papa said...

I got to stay home with the kids while Jackie was out there helping, and I am so pleased to know that the Earth Hour was honoured and you turned the lights out. Very classy. LEDs give an amazing amount of light. I've got a 3 watt LED here that is as good as a 40 watt lightbulb. Maybe better.

I didn't know we had an Elvis here in town. Does he move those hips like the real one did?

Jackie didn't tell me that she cried. But I certainly see why she would have. Generosity is a powerful thing.

Kansas A said...

That's wonderful Jackie! It's nice to see everyone pull together, great stuff!
Poor Nicole, chicken pox aren't nice, I had both Sydney and Jevan vaccinated for that when they were little. Dallas never had them and was tested when she was about 20 and she had the virus in her so she didn't need the vaccine.