Thursday, October 30, 2008

Well traveled

A number of weeks ago, I received a tentative e-mail asking if I had found a wee package in the mail. I could only reply "nope".

I had sent my sister a package with some handmade soap, a CD, and a few other small items for Christmas one year. It never arrived. Around the middle of March, I had visions of some postal worker with sweet smelling hands listening to "the Wreck of The Edmund Fitzgerald". I thought that the same fate had happened to the wee package from Scotland.
Imagine my surprise (and glee) when I looked in the mail box today and saw a wee package!

And what a package! Books, people! Books!

The first was a book about weavings of the southwest and their inspiration. I read all the Tony Hillerman books that I could get my hands on. I loved the descriptions of the Navajo way of life and the incredible beauty of their surroundings. The book is full of photos of the landscape as well as weavings and trading posts.

The second book is one written by a very special Hobbit. The world renown and widely read T.
You can read interviews with her, here and here.
I just finished the book that I was reading last night and I am starting on A La Carte as soon as I am in bed. Wahooo!

Thank you very much for your thoughtfulness, my friendly Hobbits. I will treasure both books for a long time to come. I'll even let Mira read A La Carte when I am done.

And the reason that the books were so long in coming? They took the long route from Scotland to Canada.

I think that I feel a little jealous


DaviMack said...

And we are so glad that it finally made it! Not that it renews our faith in the Royal Mail one whit, though!

Christine said...

I love the "MISSENT TO SINGAPORE" stamp. I guess it happens often enough that they need a special stamp.