Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween at the Craft College

Or, another reason that I like my place of employment
Today is Halloween, as most of you know. Although I didn't have to work today, I did have some business downtown that took me near the school around noon.

O.K. I'll admit it. I planned my errands around being downtown around noon so that I could be at the school for the annual parade and contest of costumes. About 75% of the people that were around today were dressed up. Some had subtle costumes, and some went all out.

I took a lot of pictures and so I am going to spread them out over the next few days. South America celebrates the Day of the Dead over several days, so I don't think that it is president setting.

And here in no particular order are some of the costumes. A lot of them were made by the individual wearing them. The students really are a creative bunch.

Lily Geisha (tied 2nd place)
Killbot (honorable mention)
Poison Ivy (1st place)
Ghost (not in contest)
Foxy Lady, Rachel (who is going as a Cougar tonight) and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas

Eve (note the apple)
Cow (in case you didn't guess)

Captain Haddock (Blistering Barnacles)
Cougar in Waiting, and C as.....I'm not sure what. I have to admit that the noose kind of threw me for a loop (no pun intended)
Funky Fairy (tied 2nd place), Bride of Frankenstein (ties 3rd place) and Twister
Black Bunny of Halloween and Steve the Retired Reaper

Tune back later for more from the crazy place that I call work......


DaviMack said...

Awesome (except for batman, who is just ... well, somehow a bit sad).

Kansas A said...

Okay where's the udder on that "cow?" LOL