Wednesday, October 29, 2008

red handspun

New red handspun scarf. You can see a bit of a purple silk one peeking out from the corner trying to steal the show but it will get showcased later.
I am loving doing the handspun scarves. And not only because I love the spinning part. Once the yarn is made, the rest of the weaving process is rather quick. I use a fine weft so that the beauty of the warp is not lost. I love the way the colours subtly change and flow.


DaviMack said...

'Tis beautiful!

Christine said...

You My Dear Lady have more motivation than I can even think to conjure up. However, I did manage to felt those bowls.

ICQB said...

Ooh - how nice! It must be very gratifying to spin and weave such beautiful things (and you probably dyed it too!).

Anonymous said...

Beautiful scarf... I'm just curious, how long is it and how many hours or days did it take you to weave it?

I'll rephrase that, how long did it take you to set the loom,(I don't know the terminology) and how long did it take you to do the weaving and finishing?

I know that the scarf takes a lot of time from beginning to end because you have to wash, dye and dry and wash and dry and spin the wool. Oh I think I'm tired already.

I remember knitting a yellow scarf with seed stitches a long time ago when you were younger and it took me for ever to do it. I bought the yarn of course but I never mark the time it took because I was doing it as a hobby to relax with while watching TV.


Christine said...

The color reminds me of Christmas. :)