Friday, October 10, 2008

New Product

Silk scarves. I am taking a class at the school to get to know the Fabric Surface studio and learn about what happens in there. For the past couple of weeks, we have been learning about the Fiber Reactive dye process and a resist method called Shibori.
After learning how to do an even dye bath of one colour, we started on various folding and binding techniques as well as learning about "The Five Day Method". Sorry about the capitals, but that was just the way that the instructor presented it. All Capitals. Each word stressed.
I did 17 samples of different various folding, knotting, chaining, clamping, and tyeing and then applied a few different colours of dyes. And then you have to wait for Five Days for the dye to "cure".
That was the hardest part. The waiting. But as it turned out, it was worth the wait! Opening my samples felt like Christmas morning!

So I purchased some scarves and got busy right away. And these are the results form my first batch of dyeing. I have 7 more scarves sitting for their Five Days. Right now, we are on Day Two. Far too soon to open my "presents". This last one didn't at all turn out like I though that it would, but I like it none the less and have an idea for an art piece using this technique.
But that may have to wait until later. Right now I am all about producing for Christmas sales. And I am hopeful that with the economy doing a nose dive that people will still be interested in buying local for Christmas.


mira's papa said...

The photos don't do them justice. They look much better live.

TadMack said...

One of them reminds me of Starry Night, the painting.

I have two scarves like this; both made in Paris by a little old woman who was "discovered" by a lady who owned a clothing shop near where we used to live in California. She'd bring back an armload from France every year, and once they were gone, they were gone.

I think these will still sell.

DaviMack said...

The last one there reminds me of the Shroud of Turin, for some reason.

They're beautiful!

The Holistic Knitter said...

Beautiful scarves ;0)

Kansas A said...

Beautiful scarves, I love how they turn out! I guess one is never sure what they will find on that fifth day, but I would have a hard time waiting!