Monday, October 20, 2008

End of a season

Yesterday was the day that we hauled out the garden. It was a beautiful calm sunny day and so onto our bikes we hopped and pedaled our way out to the garden.
Along the way we heard several flocks of geese doing their annual migration. A couple of groups stopped on the river to have a rest (and maybe a snack). They were quite far away and my telephoto will only do so much, so sorry for the less than crisp photos.
While we were pulling dead tomatoes, peppers, and beans (not to mention a lot of very much alive weeds) out of the garden plot, we heard more geese calling and I ran to grab my camera. They were flying onto the sun when I snapped this, so I will admit that I am quite happy that I managed to get them at all!
Along with the weeds, there was one Very Large Radish. As we pulled up the creeping charlie encrusted carpets, and dug out the remaining pea fences (darn you deer!), I came across a small radish patch that Mira had wanted to let go to seed. She is very much a gatherer type of person, and had wanted to grow and save seeds from radishes so that she could plant them next year. The radish had indeed grown a few seed pods (OK, a LOT of seed pods) but they were no where near mature. It was decided that we would pull the radish patch. Imagine my surprise when that patch turned out to be ONE PLANT!
Here is another view of that bad boy. Bad girl actually, seeing as it was silly with seed pods.
Most everything is out of the garden now (except for a few leftover weeds and the two million seeds that they produced) so the gardening season is at a close. And I am glad.

It will start up again in January when the new seed catalogue comes out and I can dream big for a couple of months before paring my order back to things that we can fit into the garden.


DaviMack said...

You mean that you won't get any seeds from that huge ol' plant?

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! That is some radish plant.

Fall has come too soon. I really don't care much for moving into winter. I guess I have to grin and bear it.

Seeing Mira's snow sculptures is what I like about winter. Maybe she can make a giant radish snow sculpture. Yea?


Kansas A said...

We too have dug up the garden, nothing left as hubby took the skidder and dragged the grapple around in there. The weeds were pretty bad and I'm afraid they will all sprout in the spring unless we do something about it.... but I'm not sure what?