Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hump Day

Skeins that have been dyed by me within that last couple of weeks. Some I like, some, not so much. But that is the way that is goes sometimes. And one thing that I have learned from selling my wares, is that different people have different tastes.

While I was at the lake this summer, we actually spent most of the time there just as me, Bill, and the kids. Uncle Sandy spent about 50% of the time with us, but the rest of the time it was just us. For the first time.

One of the things that happened was that I felt that it was OK to do a little bit of exploring in the recipe drawer. I has seen some old cookbooks when I was exploring in a gentle sort of way, but I am not sure how Grandma would feel about me laughing and snapping photos of some of the recipes in these cook books.

As you can see, the Coronation Cook Book was indeed tried and tested as well as well used. Check out the date. This book was Bill's Paternal Grandmothers.

And this was his mothers when she was a young woman
As you can see, another well used cook book. I am always suspicious when I see a cookbook that is pristine. Either the cook had one of those cook book shields, or the book was never used! Not so in this case.

I had quite a a good time looking at the various recipes. Some of which I snapped am image of for future reference, some of which I thought were funny or odd.

The chili recipe falls into the odd category. What I find odd about it is that it says it serves 12! And there is no chili powder. In a chili! Nor any other seasonings. I don't know about you, but when I make chili, there are all kinds of veggies in there along with the traditional beans and meat. And Chili Powder galore!
I also got a chuckle at the last line in the dressing recipe above the chili recipe.

Tomorrow.... Whats on the loom!


Anonymous said...

My favorite color is the first blue on the left. I used to have blue angora sweater and a tam to match of that same color years ago. Alas in my ignorance I washed it and it shrunk.

I noticed that you keep to the cooler colors and don't dye much brown, rust, orange or yellow. I was wondering why? I suppose that you know what sells better than me.

I was looking at the recipe for dressing in the photo and it doesn't say to bake it. I would like a novice try to make some of those recipes with success today.


DaviMack said...

Some cookbooks just aren't worth reading more than once! Also, some people actually do sit down and read the things, just to get ideas! I've got 2 cookbooks by Alton Brown, and I've read them both through, cover to cover. They're pristine, because when I want a recipe I open it to the page before I cook, and it's laid out so that I don't have to turn pages. I'll usually not even bring the book into the kitchen.

I guess ... that I'm more concerned than I ought to be, about the book. ;)

I love that chiliconcarne is one word. And that there doesn't seem to be any organization about the recipes, either - unless they're going in reverse alphabetical order. :)

jackie said...

There were no baking times or temperatures given for most of the recipes. I guess that those gals knew how long to bake a cake or pie and at what temperature.

As for organization of recipes, not much beyond "Desserts", "Main Meals", "Breads" and then the ever popular "Miscellaneous". I plucked a few good ones from that category. There may have been a few extra, but I don't remember them all.

And Davimack, My best cookbooks are bookmarked by the crustiness of the pages. And I have an old Joy of cooking that is held together with a rubber band. I do have some really pretty books that I look at and am really careful when I make the floofy deserts out of it. But for the most part, my cook books are used. Poor things.

And Mamoo, Good question! I have to become more earth tone oriented. Maybe the next batch.

f. pea said...

I love old cookbooks, especially the ones that contain recipes collected from all the ladies of a particular church, or firemen's wives, and sold as a fundraiser. Some night I want to have a dinner party and serve only recipes from the Church Lady Cookbooks.

Christine said...

Okay, no chili powder? All I can think is how much globalization has transformed our lives down to the way we cook. I need my cumin, chili powder, and chipotle peppers in my chili.

I can't wait to see what's on the loom.

Kansas A said...

Serves 12? Wow I wish i could stretch one single pound of ground beef that far!
My favourite hangout in any second hand store is the cookbook section, I've found a few oldies there, and I have to agree with you; the more tattered they are the more used they were :)