Saturday, April 12, 2008


Mira came to me holding an avocado that I had picked up the other day....

Mira: Look! I think this is ready. But look at its skin. It's all nibbly.
Me: Oh, he just probably got damaged while he was growing.
Mira: He?
Me: He, she, it, I don't know.
Mira: We'll call him Bob

And off she goes to carve Bob up.


Laritza said...

Oh dear Bob!

Anonymous said...

Bob? I wonder who I threw out in the compost the other day.

I bought 3 avocados since they were on sale and cut the first one open only to find that it was all brown inside. In the compost it went. I cut the second one and the same thing and finally the third one and only half was edible. They looked firm enough on the outside and the skins were kind deformed , kind of like Bob. Now I know why they were on sale. I'll be more cautious of fruit bargains from now on.

DaviMack said...

She's a good farmer then: it's OK to name something & then carve it up!

Will she be planting this one too? To put the rest of the world to shame with her green thumb?