Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fruit experimentation

I had to go to the grocery store yesterday (big surprise, eh?) and Mira opted to come along and see what fruit she could find. Liam decided to tag along.

Mira didn't find anything new to tickle her fancy so she picked up a very ripe mango. And after doing some research peeled the seed out of the case so that she could try her hand at growing a mango tree. The seed is rather large as you can see. For scale, that is a quarter.

Liam found a granadilla. And a google search later, we found that it is a relative of the passion fruit. Yet another bag of frog spawn. Mira quite liked the little villi like things that held the seeds. I actually liked the flavour better than the regular passion fruit.

And today is planting day for tomatoes and a few other things. We will soon be over run with green things!


Laritza said...

Granadillas are very popular in my native country Colombia. They are quite good! Where did you find them? I want ONE!

Anonymous said...

Quite an interesting fruit. Is Mira going to plant some of those seeds too, or it that a silly question to ask?

It has been since the middle of February now since Mira planted her Kiwi, passion fruit, dragon fruit seeds and it would be nice to see the results posted.


Leigh said...

My, but you do bring home some of the most curious things from the grocery store! Did Mira name the granadilla too????

Kansas A said...

My MIL stuck a few mango seeds into a houseplant she had, from what I remember they grew fine. Of course no fruit but nice plant :)

DaviMack said...

THAT explains why I've never been able to get a mango to grow, I guess!

Knowing Mira, you guys will have a mango tree growing in a few weeks, and you'll be forced to build a greenhouse around it!

Anonymous said...

I have had granadilla in Ecuador. I thought that it was the same as passion fruit. Silly me. What they do with it in Ecuador is stick the seeds and 'spawn' into a blender with either milk or water, give it a blend and then pour it through a strainer. You either drink the resulting juice or you turn it into popsickles.

Curious Llama (back from Italy)