Sunday, April 06, 2008

Killing Snow

Or ice crystals, as the case may be.

Today was a beautiful day. The kind of day that makes me feel like spring is actually coming.
The temperature was well above freezing, the kids played outside in light sweaters, and I worked on melting some snow.

In our driveway, where it meets the sidewalk, there was a largish puddle. I looked upon this as a good thing because it means that things are finally melting. Happy Happy Day!
Being the snow hater that I am, I wanted to hasten the departure of the snow and ice by putting it where it would melt, and at the same time, getting rid of some of the large puddle that threatens my feet every time that I walk by it. This involved digging (or chipping) a channel in the snow and ice that lines the driveway. I also threw a bunch of snow on the street where it quickly melted! DEATH TO ALL SNOW BANKS!
The banks are still quite high, but they are slowly diminishing.
What I am really looking forward to is throwing a few things on the barbecue. I chipped away at the snow in front of it for about 15 minutes today and managed to unearth the knobs. Maybe by next weekend we will be able to use the darn thing. At some point during a snow storm this winter, part of the right side shelf was blown off and covered with snow. I was not amused. Yet I have great hopes of having it unearthed by the melting snow. Soon, my friend, soon.
And what is the preferred footwear for such going ons, one might ask? Why, my lovely rubbers, of course. I may not win any fashion awards, but at least my feet were dry.
And for those of you who stopped by to maybe catch a glimpse of fibery things, here is another vessel that I am working on. It is not quite finished (are they ever?) but I like the size of it, and I see potential for more like it.
The shoe was used for size comparison. Clever, aren't I?

I also have received a commission for a priest stole and while I have done some research on the Internet, if anyone has any information about traditional priest stoles, materials, and patterns, I would greatly appreciate some information. Thanks in advanced!


Anonymous said...

A BEAUTIFUL day indeed.

Great job on the snow and ice melting. I wonder if a blow torch would hasten the process of melting the snow, on the snow bank at least.

I can finally see the top of my big rock on the front lawn and I saw five robins today. Spring has sprung.

A great looking vessel, Jackie

Valerie said...

A priest of what denomination?

I just got home from a weaving workshop with Suzanne Halvorson, who does liturgical weaving.

Another fiberartist who does liturgical weaving is Linda Henke

There are several seasons to the liturgical year and a main color associated with each season. The longes it Pentecost, which lasts from May to late October and has the primary color of green.

Different denominations use either blue or purple for Advent.

Depending factors are the tastes/desires of the recipient. The style of the church where they preach (for example, my church has contemporary architecture and stained glass, while others may be very traditional "high" church, where casual vestments may look out of place.) Also, the size and the coloring of the recipient makes a difference. You can push the liturgical colors to warm or cool to flatter the wearer.

Can you tell this something I'm interested in getting into? :^D

Anonymous said...

This is Mamoo.

Sorry Jackie, in my great haste I forgot to leave my name on the first comment.
I found some stoles for Catholic priest on this web site.

Click on Clerical Apparel then click on Stoles, just to give you an idea. Good luck.

Cynthia said...

I love the pot Jackie, you did an amazing job! Hurrah for the snow removal - I have to say one of my favourite parts of the thaw are the little rivers of water that create cool streams to float leaves, popsicle stick boats, whatever and watch them go!

DaviMack said...

Yay! for the snow going away!

My devious mind says to me that you could just lay trails of rock-salt on top of the snow, so that the streams would be created without all that chipping. ;)

I am Curious Llama. said...

Interesting commision. Try:

I also hit a number of stoles (of the priestly variety) in of all places.

By the way, for the llama fans out there: curious llama is back on the road after a long delay due to marking student work.