Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Box? What box?

And what was in the box? I thought that someone might ask. But seeing as you lack curiosity ( or are being extremely polite) I will just show you.

Welcome to "the trailer". It is one of those things that you can clip onto a bike, or use free as a stroller type affair. Here it is in stroller mode.

And here it is showing it's many passengers. It was hard to make sure that the giraffe was properly secured, but in the end, it was worth it.

And at this point I would like to thank the many talented Mamoo for "the trailer". My dad is a dairy farmer and Mamoo is an employee of the farm. All of the feed and whatnot for the cows get purchased on a credit card. That adds up to a lot of points in the run of a year. And seeing as the cows only need so much in the way of stuff that can be bought with the points (very little use for blenders and toaster ovens in the barn) , there are a few points left over in the run of a year. Mom offered us a trailer for the bikes and we accepted. Thanks Buttercup and Belle (and 80 other lovely ladies). We have yet to test it out on the trail system (snow is just gone this week) but soon we will be going for a family bike ride, I am sure.

In the mean time, go back up there and look at the lack of snow on the front median. It is almost gone. Mom says that the river is very close to flood stage though (they live right on the river) and if we get many more nice day like the past week has been full of, then my parents may end up living on an island for a few weeks.


Anonymous said...

You are welcome Jackie & Mira's Papa
Yesterday a princess and today a queen. What a lovely picture. I am glad that you and her majesty are enjoying your new mode of transportation.

To update you on the rising mighty St John River... The water is at the very edge of Bourque Lane but both lanes are still dry as of 10:00 this evening. The level is suppose to rise to 7 meter above sea level by Wednesday. The flood stage is 6.5 m.

I had four men helping me move ceramic molds to higher shelves this evening and that was a God sent for which I am extremely grateful. The farm equipment has also been moved to a higher ground.

Lets hope for the best. Mamoo

Mira's papa said...

Well, yesterday the weather was so good that I took a break from marking papers and all of the bicycles came out. Training wheels were put on Nicole's bike (we now have two smaller extra bikes to go in a garage sale). And Jackie got her a new helmet.

I got all of the bicycle tires pumped up (except Liam's, as he was gone on the bike) and put the trailer hardware on mine. Tried towing the trailer (sans child) and it pulls very easily. Well balanced and has low rolling resistance. I think it will be easy to tow this trailer, but before that happens, I need a new chain and front chain rings on mine. After 20 years and tens of thousands of kilometers my chain is totally shot.

It will be fun for the family to go on a cycle trip together. We may have to wait a bit for that to happen because the river is high and I'm sure some of the trail system is now under water. But it won't be long.

Christine said...

Man, I would love to be pulled around in one of those! I just don't have a giraffe to go with it. :)

Kansas A said...

That is the coolest thing, I love how it does double duty :)

Anonymous said...

Great idea mamoo! It will add a bit to Bill's training to pull wee Nicole up the 'bill hill'.

I read my emails before checking Jackie's blog, so I know that the river level is way higher than you guys expected when this was posted.

I hope all is well.

Curious Llama