Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tumeric 2 or Strange Child

Mira just came in and asked "If someone took a bath in tumeric water would they turn yellow?"

And after having dyed my hands a slight yellow yesterday while rinsing everything, I knew the answer.


She was very excited by this bit if information and decided that someone doing such a thing "could play a carrot. They could dye their hair green and have it sticking up! They would make a great carrot!"

Haloween is only eight and a half months away!


I am Curious Llama. said...

Yes tumeric turns you and anything you touch yellow. It does take a hell of a long time to wash out. The Mircat would be better off wearing a cotton mask if she wanted to be a carrot Maybe Mira doesn't want to be called the Mircat. However I have seen films of meerkats and I love them. They are bright, intelligent, family oriented creatures and look very cute (as Mira does). I think they also eat insects.

canknitian said...

Mira's my kind of girl! I was a carrot for Halloween in '96. I made the body out of carpet underlay (to give it structure) and huge leaf bags (to make it orange). I cut out a kind of kayak shape (wide in the middle, pointy on both ends), cut a hole for my head...attached some elastic to draw it in on either side...then I put on black clothes, put my hair in a huge ponytail on top of my head, sprayed my hair green (found out the hard way, while hungover, that it's important to cover your nose when you spray your hair)...a bit of green face paint, green eyebrows and away I went. One of my all-time most-memorable costumes!

Anonymous said...

Oh that Mira is too funny. The only way I can take tumeric stains of my hands is by using bleach. I don't think that she would want to become a permanent carrot or to take a bleach bath for that matter. I can just picture Mira as a carrot. LOL.


Christine said...

What a unique kid. :)

Witchypoo said...

LOL! Two years ago friends of my daughter decided to go as the "Blue Man Group" - They used some kind of blue dye and cornstarch. They were blue for several days, maybe weeks afterwards much to the dismay of their mom.

DaviMack said...

Awesome! Please remind her, when the time comes! I know - it's cruel, as it won't wash off, but will last for days & days, particularly if she really gets it to look like a carrot - but ... well, it'd be fun!