Saturday, February 02, 2008

Stitch Markers

I was fortunate enough to have just taken part in The Stitch Marker Exchange. This is a nice little swap with beautiful results. It is hosted by Kena and you get to chose how many partners you want to swap with. I chose three.

And here are the markers that I got from my swap partners.
These are from Catherine who is blogless. Aren't they lovely!

These are from Michelle. She even included a row counter!

And these are from Angie. I am tempted to make two of them into earrings!

I am blown away by how beautiful and how different they are. The markers that I sent out were nice, but the ones that I recieved are stunning. Kena is going to have sign ups for the spring session soon so if you are interested keep an eye on The Stitch Marker Exchange!

And I will appoligise for any spelling mistakes that you may find lurking. Blogger doesn't seem to want to check my spelling.


Cynthia said...

Very nice Jackie! You scored big although somehow I think that those you swapped with faired quite well too!

Leigh said...

A stitch marker exchange! What a great idea! The Online Guild often does some sort of exchange during December. I'm going to have to suggest this idea.

Christine said...

I love that row counter! What a neat idea.

DaviMack said...

If you turn those into earrings, how am I going to convince T that she can't turn the ones you gave me into earrings? Huh? ;)