Monday, February 18, 2008

the things they say

Bill and I are in the kitchen and Nicole comes in being her ususal cute self.

Bill : Oh! What a treasure! Are you a treasure?

Nicole: No!

Me: Oh yes you are!

Nicole: No I'm not. I'm made of bones!

I guess that she is a bunch of treasured bones.


Anonymous said...

Oh but she's sooo cute. She sure has a nice little pile of bones, all 206 of them. And I agree with Mama and Papa she is a treasure. I just get the greatest kick of listening to her sing her new little song " I Love Books". She does a cute little dance and wiggle while she sing.

Dave Daniels said...

That's very cute.

Kansas A said...

Let's keep thinking that when she borrows your car at 16 :)

DaviMack said...

But what about the other bits? Did she elaborate? ;)

I am Curious Llama. said...

In wikipedia, under the entry for cute, there should be a photo of wee Nicole. Who knew that bones could be so cute?