Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It's all so pretty......

but I think that I have had enough.

We have had two more storms since the last one that I complained about and another one on the way tomorrow.

And instead my usual shot of more snow falling outside my door, here are a few of some of the trees on my way to work at the end of last week.

I love the no parking sign in the middle picture. It seems a bit obvious to me.

Keep warm and safe.

Oh, yeah. For all of you who are feeling a little envy at all the pretty white stuff that we in the great frozen north are experiencing, come on up and shovel my steps and drive way. It's beginning to get a little stale for me. I'll make you a great dinner for your pains.


Christine said...

I would shovel your steps and drive and your neighbors! All we've got is rain/sleet/rain. Blah. Nothing pretty at all. This girl wants umpteen feet of snow! Send it South woman!

elaine said...

Hi Jackie.
I share your feelings. Here north of you, we just recieved 45cm and are expected another 30cms tomorrow. Gasp. We don't know where to put all the snow. After doing my roof today, I had to shovel out the kitchen windows. Beautiful, but a little smothering.

Kansas A said...

Maybe they could bring some of that California or Florida sunshine to melt it away? I'm with you, c'mon Spring!!