Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Post Cards from the Selv-edge

I am involved with a group of artists who, over the next year will be working on a project. It is called "Post Cards from the Selv-edge".

At work one day we were all talking about how stressed we were for various reasons and an idea that had been bouncing around in one of my colleagues head came out. She had been involved in a round robin cloth alteration exercise with some students of hers the year before and thought that if we could get 12 people together to do a similar exercise we may have a show. Before lunch was over, we had about 7 of the 12. Others were contacted and Post Cards was born. Most of the artists are in Fredericton, but we have a couple in BC and one or two in Ontario. These pieces of fabric are going to be well traveled.

We start out with a piece of fabric no larger than 6"x10" and every month on the 20th, we pass it off to the next person on the list. By December, we will have our original fabric back, but much altered as it went through the hands and minds of 11 other people.

This is my fabric. It is handwoven cotton and silk remnants that have a sizing on them. The dimensions are 6"x10 and a tiny little bit". I guess that even from the start, I had a bit of a hard time following the rules.

I'm not sure if I am suppose to be sharing this with you as we are not really suppose to be talking about what we get and what we do with it, but seeing as (so far as I know) no one from work reads my blog, I will continue to post the pieces as I get them over the next 12 months.


Dave Daniels said...

That's a great idea of sharing creativity. I've always wanted to get involved in something like that.
And, yes, keep posting about them.

DaviMack said...

As far as you know? Have you ever told them about it? Me, I tend to keep mine private & not share it with work or school, just 'cause ... well, I can leave those people behind, you know? But the bloggers, they stay with you whatever happens. :)

Like the idea - and the fabric!