Friday, January 04, 2008


For those of you who have wondered just how much snow we have up here in the great white north, here are a few photos. There was so much snow that, even though the snow started on Tuesday evening, the little sidewalk clearing snow blower didn't get to our sidewalk until this morning at about 11:30. I live about 8 blocks from the downtown core. Those poor fellows must have been working a lot of overtime.

Here is our freshly cleared sidewalk.

The snow bank on the little strip of grass between the road and the side walk. In the summer, I can just touch the lowest branch of that tree with my fingertips. Our street is now about 8 feet narrower than it is in the summer.

The driveway with Matt and Kora's van parked at the end along with the path that the kids have plowed so that they can play in the back yard.

Icicles on the house across the street.

And what does one wear in all this ice and snow.
Her newly shrunk socks and a bathing suit of course! She loves the socks because they make her "skate like Ice Princess". Which, of course meant that she had to watch the movie. Oh well. There are worse ways to spend an afternoon.


Dave Daniels said...

Whoa, now that's a lot of snow! We had the snowiest December on record here in Boston, but most of it melted before the sub-zero temps we're having now.
I LOVE the photo of the house with the icicles. That is SO great!

TadMack said...

That was my first thought of what to do with the socks!

Okay, not skating with them and wearing a bathing suit, but... shrinking the other one.

Everywhere else in Scotland seems to have gotten snow but our end of Glasgow. We could see snow on the hills above the West End, before the next rain storm whipped in. Our puddles are turning into lakes, just as your drifts are turning into glaciers. Stay warm!

Say said...

We've got record amounts of snow here in Montreal too, but I think your daughter has the right idea!

The samosas in your previous post look delicious!!!!

Happy New Year and Holidays. :)

Christine said...

It's so beautiful, especially the house across the street with all of those dramatic icicles. But with that being said, I pity those homeowners and the damage they will have to deal with when it starts to thaw.

That child of yours must have anti-freeze in her veins!

Kansas A said...

LOL! Typical kids eh? Sydney came out of her room wearing a pair of shorts yesterday... uhhh, where do you think you're going??