Saturday, January 19, 2008

A is for...

ABC along! It is also for....

Alpaca! Look at these guys, aren't they just the cutest! These are from a local fiber mill called Legacy Lanewhich is about an hour away. They are a mini mill which means that they will process small batches of fiber from people who own a few animals. And because they are so small you are assured that you will be getting the same fiber back as you sent in. You can see more of the whole operation here and here.

A is also for All that fiber that I get to spin. Starting with the dark purple balls and going clockwise there is Shetland then some merino, super wash merino, mohair,alpaca, more shetland, merino/silk blend, and yet more super wash merino. I seem to see a bit of a purple trend happening. I think that I need to start dyeing some other colours!

The alpaca was dyed raw and now I am picking out some VM. I suppose that I should have done the picking before the dyeing, but I was curious as to how it would dye and didn't even think of all that extra stuff in the fiber until I had put it to soak. Lesson learned. I hope.

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